About Us

Businesswoman and serial entrepreneur, Stacey Arbetter, has decades of experience serving the needs of clients and customers. She has always stood by her personal and professional philosophy of “doing what is right, not what is easy.” With these words at core of her beliefs, she puts the needs of her customers first.


Her passion for success began at an early age. While still in college, she started her first business, and by finding a better way for her customers to save money, she was able to grow it into the largest independently own car exporting business in the country.


Because of working in sales her entire career, she now leverages her problem-solving and negotiating skills to lead others on the journey of achieving the American dream in owning a home.


Stacey’s mission is to help buyers who are not mortgage ready find alternative paths to homeownership. By empowering buyers and ignoring the “nay sayers,” Stacey’s prides herself on taking the unconventional, anti-establishment approach for home financing, allowing her to do what others won’t.


Along with making the process of buying a home easy and affordable, she works with sellers to maximize their equity, reduce tax exposure, and eliminate debt.


This trailblazing spirit is was propels her to bridge the real estate gap, build relationships, and connect buyers and sellers for the win/win.